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Alternative Law Firm is a full service firm in business law, and more specifically in the following areas.

Corporate law

  • Creation of companies, corporate follow-up, restructuring, mergers, acquisitions or sale of companies.
  • Assessment of the legal risk attached to a target (due diligence), shareholders’ agreement, joint venture.
  • Disputes among shareholders and/or with officers.


  • Draft any kind of commercial agreements, relationships between a supplier and a customer, partnership, joint venture.
  • Negotiation of agreements; specific performance before French court.

Commercial law

  • Acquisition or sale of assets/goodwill (“fonds de commerce”).
  • Distribution, relationship of commercial agent.
  • Unfair competition.
  • Recovery of debts.

Criminal law

  • Assistance at each level of the criminal procedure, from the police and court investigation to the hearing.
  • Legal due diligence of the criminal risk in a company; delegation of powers.

Legal strategy

  • Assistance in the decision-making by anticipating the legal consequences: purchase of a target, development in a specific area, disvestment, initiate a lawsuit against a competitor.
  • Find solutions to decrease the legal uncertainty, seek or manage a partner/shareholder/investor, manage internal and external communication on legal issues, obtain administrative/official authorizations, etc.

Negociations, Alternative dispute settlement, Lobbying

  • Positioning on sensitive topics, benefit from the absolute secrecy and confidentiality of the exchanges with and between lawyers to enter into secret or delicate negotiations.
  • Decrease the legal uncertainty with the negotiation and the use of alternative dispute resolutions: mediation, conciliation, arbitration. Influence and convince public authorities, make rules and laws in France evolve.