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Alternative Law Firm​ has been created to offer alternative solutions in the legal area to companies in France and worldwide. The alternative nature of the firm can be found:

In its proposal:

If law remains at the core of the advice, Me Olivier Savelli has been trained in a business school (Edhec Business School) and wants to find solutions that take into account not only the legal constraints but also the operational requirements of growth and profitability.

Me Olivier Savelli will be excited to understand your business and your area in order to identify how they work, their constraints and opportunities and to offer, in order to solve the legal issues, alternative solutions to a strictly legal advice. His law professors at the Edhec Business School are worldwide specialists in the management of the legal risk of companies.

A full service law firm specialized in business law with a pragmatic and operational approach

An optimal organization for a legal cost reduced as much as possible

In its structure:

The firm has a unique partner and works with a network of lawyers of high quality in many legal areas and with experience from junior to senior, depending on the required level of expertise and on the nature of the work; this very flexible structure enables the reduction of the fixed costs, which translates into a reduction of the invoice to the benefit of the clients.

In the way it works:

Many lawyers are either specialist in legal advice or in litigation, usually for historical reasons (for example: the sollicitors and barristers in the UK). Me Olivier Savelli handles matters with respect to both legal advice and litigation (commercial, civil and criminal courts).

He has developped skills with respect to the legal advice within a big international law firm, Proskauer Rose LLP, where he was International Corporate Counsel, and his skills as litigator as Secrétaire de la Conférence* at the Paris Bar, where he had to deal with criminal law matters for serious or white-collar crimes, both at the investigation level and at the court level, and in each kind of criminal court (Tribunal Correctionnel, Cour d’Assises).

(*a prestigious title given by the Paris Bar after a contest based on oral arguments)

A legal practice both as legal advisor and as litigator

Specific skills and experience for international matters

In its coverage area:

Firms that are not institutions are often not prepared for an international practice. Me Olivier Savelli has more than 15 years experience in international matters and has developed partnerships with firms in Europe and in many countries of the world; These firms are not just addresses. They include excellent lawyers with whom he has already worked personnally.

Me Olivier Savelli is bilingual, French and English, including legal English for both negotiation and drafting. He is a useful contact for any company in the world that wants to set up a business in France, or for small and middle size international organizations that do not have in-house counsel in France, but also for any company that wishes to develop an activity abroad (either directly or through a branch or subsidiary) and wishes to have a unique contact in France to coordinate international legal constraints with the local law firms.